Our membership consists of a wide cross-section of the community; we meet monthly to share the joys and challenges of orchid care. A typical activity list in any year would include:-

Orchid of the Month, at meetings when members go up against each other in friendly competition

Tips in the creation of corsages and cake decorating, using orchids

Christmas Luncheon

Field trips to members’ homes, an orchid farm or place of interest in Grenada

Preparation for the biennial Orchid Show

Lectures about the care and maintenance of orchids.

The Orchid Circle of Grenada

Our aim is to assist members and orchid hobbyists to develop and maintain high standards in the care, nurturing and display of these marvellous plants.

In March 2009 eleven members of the Circle went on its first overseas trip to participate in the Barbados Orchid Society Show. A beautiful display was done and it captured an ‘Artistic Certificate’ which is rarely awarded, and never before, outside the United States of America.

Orchid shows are held every other year and are signal items on the calendar for many Grenadians who are fascinated by the various displays, including those from Trinidad and Barbados. Needy organizations benefit from any excess funds.