The Richmond Hill Home for the Elderly now has hot water!

The Horticultural Society of Grenada were made aware that the home had not had hot water for many years and felt that in this 40th year of independence, the residents who had worked so hard to make Grenada great, really deserved a little comfort. And so, with the help of Hubbards, a great friend to the HSG, the Horticultural Society arranged for all of the repairs on the 26th February and now there is hot water once again for the residents of the Richmond Hill Home for the Elderly.


September 21, 2013 is a date that members of the Horticultural Society of Grenada, professional and amateur florists from around the island, will remember. We had the opportunity and privilege to have Cloe Paul, a distinguished Ikebana Advanced Floral Designer from the Ohara School of Ikebana design in Japan, and Master Florist of the World Association of Floral Artists, as our instructor in basic Ikebana design.

It was a highly structured program in which we were invited to look at nature and to draw from that experience. It was a new appreciation to traditional thoughts on designing, using fewer elements to create arrangements that were harmonious, yet simple. There are two basic design forms:

The materials used in the arrangements were all organic including: twigs, leaves, flowers, drift wood and branches, with the container forming an integral part of the design.

The main concern is that no other flower, foliage or material overwhelms the initial subject's space. Every other item can enjoy its own power and space. In Ikebana design, correct spacing between the materials is critical. Each flower, leaf or twig should have its own space and special position.

After hours of training there was a competition for all attendees. It was creativity at its best. Although many participants found it difficult to move away from traditional designs, the results were very beautiful and encouraging. The general consensus was that the workshop was educational, exciting, captivating and extraordinary.

We hope that Ms Paul will be able to return to Grenada in the near future to build on the basics of the Ohara School of Ikebana and run an intermediate course.

The Horticultural Society of Grenada would like to thank Real Value Supermarket for the refreshments in the morning break and would like to thank you for the tremendous support given during the workshop and over the years.

Thirty two different areas, schools or community institutions have received over 1100 trees and in some cases shrubs as well.

Phase 1
2005 - The supply of 88 trees and palms to the Botanical Gardens, Ministerial complex.

Phase 2
2010 - The supply of trees to the following institutions:
The Anglican High School.
The Grenville Seven Day Adventist School.
The Grenville Secondary School.
Presentation Boy's School.
The Tivoli RC School.
The Tivoli RC Church
The Tivoli Sports & Community Centre.
The Vincennes Sports & Community Centre.
The Kiltegan father's Centre.
The Mon Tout Glass Project.
Maroon/public playing field, Petit Martinique
The Catholic Church, Petit Martinique
The Petit Martinique infant and junior schools.
The Mt Moritz Community Centre & playing field.
The St George's University Campus, True Blue.
Hillsborough Recreational Ground, Carriacou.
The Princess Royal Hospital, Carriacou.
The Hillsborough Government School, Carriacou

Phase 3
2011 - The supply of trees to the following institutions:
Fort Matthew, St George.
Golf Course, St George.
Queen Elizabeth Home, St George.
Dorothy Hopkin Home, ST George.
Windward Pre Primary School, Carriacou.
Dover Beachfront, Windward, Carriacou.
Bishop's College, Carriacou
Princess Royal Hospital, Carriacou
The Botanical gardens, Carriacou.
The Vendor's market & Bus Station, Carriacou.
The Hillsborough Secondary School, Carriacou.
The Hillsborough Government School, Carriacou
The Hillsborough Recreation Ground, Carriacou.

The Grenada Tree Replanting Project

After the ravages of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, with particular reference to the destruction and damage to trees throughout the tri island state, the Horticultural Society successfully applied for and received a grant of EC$37,000.00 from USAID.

The objectives of the proposal and the award were to:

This project is now officially finished and it's work complete.

Special thanks are extended to Margaret de Roche, who organized the project.

Grateful thanks to Mr Forteau, Mr Hamilton and Mr Patrice of the Forestry Departments in Grenada & Carriacou. Mr McLawrence and Mr Leggard for their assistance with liason in Carriacou. Appreciation and special thanks to Alston de Roche, Trish Scarlett & Roberte Laurent for their assistance and hard work with the planting of the trees in Carriacou.

A big thank you to all of the communities, projects and schools involved with the project, their assistance with the planting and continuing care of the young saplings is invaluable.

Also to Jarvis Lawrence, Sunshine, John Criswick, Sonya Beatson, Ashenden and Mirabeau for their cooperation in the supply of trees.

The Fort Matthew project

'The Fort Matthew Task Force is presently engaged in limited renovations of the Fort as a heritage fortification site and envisage developing the grounds for visitors and Grenadians to enjoy and also as a venue for cultural events. Support from Society was requested in plant scaping the Fort with a conservative scheme, appropriate to the past history of the Fort. In order to beautify and enhance the fort, the HSG has now completed planting of the band stand area, the fort entrance and the fort driveway. In addition, the Morne Jaloux public road fronting the fort and the mental hospital has also been planted with flowering shrubs.'

The Botanical Gardens, St George.

This project encompasses the phased replanting of the Botanical Gardens in the Ministerial Complex. Detailed plans have been drawn up, each phase building on the completion of the previous section. We are delighted that the first phase of the project has now been completed.

Charitable Work

Using some of the funds raised through our various fundraising activities and biennual flower show, the HSG has been an active supporter of humanitarian causes in Grenada over the years. Our most recent project was the supply of equipment to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the Cadrona Home for the Elderly, Grenville. Items that were supplied included walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, bed linen, mattress covers and BP monitors.